Summary: On Eagles Wings Inc security affiliates have well over 12 years of experience in securing homes and businesses. Our team will install state of the art systems that will give you round the clock protection. We also offer live monitoring. Click on “Go Service” and fill out form for your security service request which can be found under the Real Estate Division's header. 


At On Eagles Wings Inc we cover all aspects of electronic security. In today’s world thieves are getting smarter and finding new ways to break into homes /offices (see video of thief using car jack to gain entrance via a window). You need a company that is up to date and keeping ahead of would be “professional” thieves. Do not let them break in and steal your precious valuables.


What we Provide:

• We can install a complete security system or we can use a phased approach that fits your budget. 
• Door entry locks. With the push of a button you are able to open a door or keep it securely shut.
• Consultation to give you the best options available for your security needs.
• Cameras that are connected so that you can see what is going on from any location in the world.
• We can install an automatic security gate so that you do not have to get out of your car at night.

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