Summary: On Eagles Wings Inc has over 25 years of experience in the roofing business. Our team can handle any roofing service should client require construction, installation and or repairs. We also have expertise in a cost effective torch-on felt application that is designed to permanently fix leaks (rather than replacing the entire roof) - watch video. Should you require this service, please click on the Go Service arrow below and fill out form for your roofing request which can be found under the Real Estate Division header.


At On Eagles Wings Inc we also provide termite treatment services that will protect wood rafters. In Barbados termites are the main cause of roofing damage to the wood. It is imperative that homes are treated at least every five years to keep the little critters at bay. Our termite treatment comes with a warranty period of five (5) years.


Roofing services delivered by On Eagles Wings Inc.

Installation of new roofs of all types shingles, clay, u-panel, concrete, slate etc.
Repair to leaks using our torch-on method as well as replacing panels if required.

Roofing inspections are also carried out on request (generally free - certain conditions may merit charges).

Power washing to clear off mildew and bring back sparkle to roof.

Painting roof should it be flaking and or showing signs of corrosion.
Termite treatment to building to guard against termite attack to roof wood works (present and future).


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