We specialize in the installation and operation of salt water systems for residential and commercial pools. More importantly we offer engineering support services for the equipment we supply. With our technical support in place, we stand ready to respond to any needs that may arise. You can rest easy knowing your pool will be kept in excellent condition.

Over the years we have been working with one of the most reliable salt water chlorinator companies in the world called Australian Innovative Systems (AIS). This presentation gives a brief introduction explaining what the technology does. - (VIDEO 1:44).


You no longer need to manually place chlorine chemicals into your pool.
The water is soft and not harsh on your skin, hair nor eyes.
There is no need to store dangerous chemicals at your home.
You have improved water quality that is monitored consistently by electronics.
Stabilized Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels.
Increased overall efficiency year round.





AIS is passionate about transforming the future of pool water disinfection. Inline chlorine generation via electrolysis delivers all the benefits of clean and bacteria free water without the risks and hassles associated with conventional chlorine dosing.- (VIDEO 5:18).





Testimonials by AIS clients - (VIDEO 4:52).:

Michael Griffin, Managing Director at Pool Ranger.

Luke Barrie of Trisley's Hydraulic Services.

Mary Segond von Banchet, Operations Manager, Koorda Swimming Pool.

Clint Lauritsen, City Aquatics Pool operator at Centenary Pools.



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