Summary: On Eagles Wings Inc electrical affiliates have well over 25 years of collective experience in the industry. Our team can handle small service repairs as well as large three phase installations. We also have expertise in installing and maintaining solar powers systems. Click on “Go Service” and fill out form for your electrical service request which can be found under the Real Estate Division's header.  


At On Eagles Wings Inc we go beyond install and repair services. In today’s world you need a company that can deliver on helping you to make savings to you the client; we are that company. We can visit and assess your electrical needs and recommend devices that will deliver savings to you the client (eg: LED lighting, timer controls, solar energy solutions etc).


What we Provide:

• Repair electrical shorts, lighting and plug faults.
• Install LED lighting and timer controls for outdoor flood lights.
• Design electrical circuits on new house/office plan. To be used by builder/ contractor.
• Energy audits to determine why your electric bill is high and what can be done to reduce it.

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