Summary: On Eagles Wings Inc affiliate for Investlogix provides you the client with ease of sourcing supplies for your business needs. With over eleven years in the business, Investlogix is the obvious choice as the company is both trusted and proven to provide a superior procurement service. Click on “Go Service” and fill out form detailing your order details (service for sourcing and logistics can be found under the Professional Support Services header) . Watch video presentation that describes global sourcing and benefits.


At On Eagles Wings Inc we go beyond install and repair services. In today’s world you need a company that can deliver on savings to you the client; we are that company. Our affiliate specializes in Global Procurement for industries such as Hospitality, Automobile, Retail, Textiles etc and Global shipping and logistics. Their strength lies in their vast network, direct sourcing from factories across the globe, quick and reliable response time and the capability to handle any client requirement from across the globe at best prices - all of this is backed by their experienced team.


They work with well known reputable brands like Samsung, Hamilton Beach, Oster, Riegel and Toto-USA. Since they work directly with the factory, their prices are quite competitive.




Our Affiliate has partnered with over 15000 suppliers worldwide. You may be interested in sheets, towels, furniture, air conditioning units, solar panels, maintenance equipment or refrigerators; they can find it at the best price and ship or air freight directly to you. We request you to kindly give us an opportunity to show our capabilities and strength to extend any global sourcing requirement that you may have. Should you have any queries you can click on “Go Service” and fill out our form or email us at


From your smallest need to handling multi-million dollar renovations- we source it all.
Our team of professional and experienced Procurement Managers is your single resource for multiple responsibilities including strategic sourcing, procurement, and delivery coordination.

Our team of sourcing professionals act as an extension of your hotel purchasing department to not only save you money and time, but to create an integrated supply chain with strategic partnerships critical to your hotel or restaurant’s business goals and objectives.


We help numerous retail and wholesale clients grow market share by increasing cash flow and reducing indirect spend.
In the highly competitive retail industry, pressure is always increasing for retailers and wholesalers to grow while increasing their margins. However, this is easier said than done.

Whether you run a chain of speciality goods stores or fashion apparel, chances are you don’t have the resources to get to every single direct spend category. Be it finished goods, or the materials and textiles needed to build assembled products on your own, we can help. Rather than hiring experts for every single product in your stores, you can rely on Investlogix’s substantial experience to drive savings and quality products into your showcases.

For Power companies – the responsibility is immense and especially daunting in the face of a down economy and natural disasters. These Power companies must also look towards the future and find new ways of keeping their systems secure from cyber threats, protecting the environment, and updating aging equipment. In order to keep their systems reliable and online, both private and public energy companies must operate like competitive businesses: keeping costs low and quality of service high. Many utility providers have found that strategic sourcing has helped them to improve relationships with their suppliers, stabilize their supply chains and reduce costs without losing quality.

However, power companies often do not have the resources to expertly manage every spend category on their own. Investlogix can help supplement your company’s internal sourcing department by providing expert resources with proprietary market intelligence, negotiation assistance, and process improvements.


Managing a supply chain is complex, and your business is unique. Our affiliate will design a solution tailored to your needs to show you the way to a more efficient logistics solution. With their international network, which includes the network in over 99 countries, provides you the client with a single source supply chain management solution.


The logistics solutions covers a broad range of businesses and professions, and their people, experience and resources are ready to handle the most challenging logistics projects. They meet the logistics business needs for data centers, electronics, hospitality, manufacturing, medical, retail, trade shows and events. They also offer a diverse portfolio of both domestic transportation solutions and international transportation solutions. Our affiliate provides project management to optimally facilitate the movement of parts and materials from suppliers to manufacturers, or finished products from manufacturers to distributors, retailers or to the end consumers.

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