Presentation 1 (3:47): Stay in touch with your clients by email – by Joel Book (marketing expert). For many years On Eagles Wings Inc has been keeping in close touch with its clients, affiliates and associates each month and now we want to offer this service to you. Watch both presentations and listen to the experts (both videos are under four minutes). Our rates start at $20.00 BBD (+ VAT) per 1000 emails /mth (service is free for under 500 emails /mth).


For more information write us at or visit our “contact us” page.


Email Marketing by On Eagles Wings Inc (Monster Marketing)*:

-          Smart email marketing that gets results.

-          Smart hints on how to get email addresses from your clients.

-          We only use permission based emails.

-          Most mobile devices are set up to receive emails.

-          Keep your brand in the mind of your clients.

-          We give smart tips on how to succeed using permission based emails.

-          Emails are personalized to look like they are coming from your company (or you). 

-          We do not engage in mass harassment by sending out large volumes of emails each day.

-          On Eagles Wings Inc *Monster Marketing - We have a big and mean marketing machine.

Monster Marketing leads to Monster Growth

















Presentation 2 (2:40): Email marketing is still SUPER important -  by Lolo Siderman (marketing expert)




Keeping your brand in the mind of your clients helps them to remember you. Should you want to explore targeted marketing, contact us for more details.

What a major marketer is saying for 2017:
“Email remains a strong revenue driver, according to the study, with a third of respondents asserting that they make $10 or more for every dollar spent on email marketing. This number would likely be higher, however, if a majority of respondents tracked engagement. Surprisingly, 52% of respondents did not track email engagement metrics”.
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