Presentation 1 (10:28): Cell phone dangers associated with their over use can potentially be damaging to our brains (tumors). As an engineering company if technology becomes hazardous to our health, it is our duty to make it known to our fellow man.
This potential danger has now been extended to our young children. Listen to presentation for more details.


Points to note:

-          Phone manufacturers are placing legal disclaimers related to the use of their phones.

-          Insurance companies are no longer covering cell phone Manufacturers.

-          Cell phones are seen by some as the next public catastrophe after asbestos and tobacco.

-          Independent studies show that cell phone dangers are real and on the increase.













2. CNN News Report (19:39): Dr. Sanjay Gupta MD delivers an informative report on the effects of cell phones on the human brain.

Points to note:

-          No studies on the effects of cell phones have been done on children.

-          Dr Black explains how cell phones cook the brain.

-          People have a right to know what the potential dangers are when using a cell phone.





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We recommend that you use the speaker option as much as possible keeping the phone away from your head.
When talking on the phone directly to your head, use it for less than five minutes at a time. At night keep the phone away from your body and if possible switch it to airplane mode. If you have to speak longer and privately, we suggest you use Bluetooth headsets because they have low level electromagnetic emissions; far lower than the cellphones. Alternately there is a headset that has an air tube and these emit no radiation; just not as popular. Last but not least, we suggest that you keep all cell phones away from young children, especially babies.


Special Note: Wired headsets are not recommended because the cable connects to the cellphone and the electromagnetic radiation is focused into the head (via ear piece) the same way as if holding your cell device.

Should you wish to play it safe, we are showing headsets on our page that are found to have good reviews on Amazon. 



 Bluetooth Headsets









 Air-tube Headsets


  EMF meter to measure energy output








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