X-ray your Links to be sure it is safe:

By Trevor Sealy

The other day a few big online companies were hacked and had their information stolen.

Here we share an internet tip that will help keep you protected.

You may get an email (even from someone you know) that has a link in it. if you click on the link it may take you to a website that may compromise your system.



What do you do?

1st Do not be too fast to click on links, slow down.

2nd Always hover your mouse over the link to see where it takes you. If the link is not showing a website, it may be what is called a re-direct*

3rd If the link’s website is not clear, copy the link address to your clipboard. Exp, right click on your mouse and click on “copy hyperlink”.

4th To see where link takes you, copy and paste link into this website viewer. The site x-Rays the link to allow you to see where the link is taking you. You can also try to get similar results.

Stay safe.

*Re-direct links are used to record link clicks and then take you to the website’s owner (safe site). However, sometimes they can re-direct you to a site that is a minefield set by hackers.




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